The object of ASHA of Canada is the encouragement, development, promotion and regulation of the breeding of purebred American Saddlebred Horses in Canada. ASHA of Canada also works to establish breeding standards, keep records, collect, preserve and publish all documents relating to those breedings and carry out a system of registration under the  (CLRC)                                                                    .

Canadian breeders have been producing top quality American Saddlebreds in Canada for over 60 years and ASHA of Canada is proud to encourage and support our Canadian breeders.

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ASHA of Canada membership information. 

ASHA of Canada memberships ensure that our  association can to continue to safeguard the integrity of the American Saddlebred in Canada. All members are subject to the rules and regulations of the organization as set out in ASHA of Canada's constitution and are eligible to hold office and vote at the annual meeting. Memberships are renewed and sold through the Canadian Livestock Record Corporation.


Your membership fees help to support the ongoing operations of ASHA of Canada!

Breeding and registering the American Saddlebred in Canada.


ASHA of Canada Versatility 


ASHA of Canada developed this program to encourage our members to continue to use and display the versatile American Saddlebred. ASHA of Canada will offer incentives to exhibitors of Saddlebreds in Canada for participation in a wide variety of activities and disciplines.